Online ASSA Completion

Please read the following information before you go to the next page of the ASSA On-Line Form.

A. When you open the on-line ASSA Form a number will automatically be assigned on the top of the form. This number cannot be changed. If you are completing an amendment to a previous ASSA request, after you print the form, you must cross out the assigned number by hand and write in the number of the ASSA you are amending.

B. Complete all fields on the form as indicated by tabbing to each field.

C. Once entries are completed, you cannot save the form to your computer.

D. Save both pages of the initiated ASSA as a PDF. We will not accept any requests without the Terms and Conditions page.

E1. Department Submitter sends the unsigned ASSA and supporting documents (e.g. a Scope of Work) to PreAudit (

  • Must include an Approval email from the DEAN or UBR (either an attachment or within the email submission chain)
  • An email address for the Contractor must be included
  • An email address for Department contacts who need a copy once executed must be included
  • If the supplier is a new contractor, W9 must be submitted separately into the secure SharePoint folder that UBRs have access to

E2. Pre-Audit will upload the ASSA into DocuSign and send out for signature:

  • The Contractor will sign first
  • Procurement Director will review, and sign second
  • Vendor, Pre-Audit, UBR, and Department contact, will receive a copy when executed

E3. Pre-Audit will encumber the ASSA

Any questions please call pre-audit at Extension #6656

*Note: this process will change for ASSAs in FY22.