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By Calleigh Wondra October 5, 2020

John Kurth to Frank Zeidler, 7 January 2003, box 7, folder 47, Socialist Party of Milwaukee, Milwaukee Mss Collection 349, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries, Archives Department.
This 2003 letter to former Milwaukee Mayor and Socialist Frank Zeidler illuminates the importance of artistic expressions—in this case poetry—in the city’s historic socialist movement. The letter congratulates Zeidler on the publication of his new book of poetry, and shares a poem written by Milwaukee’s first socialist mayor, Emil Seidel.

By Emily Daley September 1, 2020

uwmmss190_000001_Lindsay Heights Map.jpg
This map, created in the early 2000s, details the Lindsay Heights neighborhood on the near north side of the City of Milwaukee. It identifies key neighborhood organizations and institutions and provides a valuable window into collaborative efforts to revitalize and strengthen the community.

By Brian Wallace Calabrese September 9, 2020

This restrictive covenant from the Village of Shorewood contains a clause that prevents “any other person other than the white race” from owning, occupying, or using property in this area. This is a stark example of legal segregation in Milwaukee’s suburbs from the 1920s.