About IUAN

Milwaukee is poised to take its place as a national leader in urban agriculture, nutrition promotion, and sustainable food system technology.

Today, the city is situated with an unusual abundance of assets: an extraordinary base of community groups working on the “Good Food Revolution,” natural freshwater resources, political support, and academic research and practice.

Add to those assets a proven enthusiasm from the corporate and philanthropic sectors, and we are at the apex of opportunity to innovate technology and systems that can significantly increase not only access to healthy food, but also “green” economic development, placemaking, and neighborhood redevelopment in the growing urban market.



Stan Stojkovic, Will Allen and Mike Lovell at a 2011 IUAN symposium.

In 2011, Growing Power Founder Will Allen and former UW-Milwaukee Chancellor Mike Lovell brainstormed an idea to develop a partnership that fosters academic, community and civic collaborations focused on advancing urban agriculture and nutrition.

At a symposium attended by nearly 200 individuals, Lovell and Allen announced this collaboration and the beginning of a vibrant institute without walls.

View Milestones to see what’s happened since then.

What We Do

IUAN is unique. We bring people together from various backgrounds and disciplines to contribute to a sustainable food system. Our motivations are simple:

  • We catalyze new partnerships and connect existing resources. We support community efforts to secure funding for work that furthers sustainable urban agriculture and nutrition.
  • We initiate a community-led research agenda created by and for the community. We support collaboration, research and education programs related to sustainable food systems. We tackle real-world problems instead of academic hypotheses.
  • We promote social and economic justice by improving the health and nutrition of urban residents, and exploring new roads for economic development. We believe people living in an urban environment should have access to good food and sustainable jobs.
  • We close the food circle. IUAN’s Good Food Circle is the philosophy that guides our work. IUAN views the food system as a circle with interrelated food actions. Grow. Move. Eat. Return.


The Institute for Urban Agriculture & Nutrition is a catalytic leader that envisions a world with safe, accessible, affordable, healthy food for all.


The Institute for Urban Agriculture & Nutrition is a cooperative* of universities, community organizations, businesses, and public agencies advancing the principles and practices of sustainable urban agriculture, healthy nutrition practices, and economic development through innovative collaboration.

* A cooperative is a business that is owned and controlled by its members. The cooperative is operated to benefit its members, not to maximize profits for outside investors.