Institute for Urban Agriculture & Nutrition Incorporates as a Cooperative

You’ve asked for it. We heard you!

You wanted an organization that would take on the difficult issues of that urban agriculture and food system practitioners face every day. You wanted shared governance of the organization between all sectors of membership. You wanted to access the resources offered by academia and apply it to your work, to use all the sciences to solve food system problems.

Now you have it.

The Cooperative Institute for Urban Agriculture and Nutrition has incorporated as a multi-sector cooperative, co-governed by each of the sectors. As a cooperative, we offer a space to coordinate interests and efforts and create a stronger network throughout the city. We focus on advancements in social justice, health, environment, and economic development. The sectors include Community Nonprofits, Academics, Government Agencies, Businesses, Donors, and Individuals.

The founding Board of Directors under the leadership of President Stan Stojkovic and Founding Executive Director Bonnie Halvorsen, has moved forward to create the Community Action Council (CAC), which will serve as the research/practice priority deciding body for the cooperative. The CAC will develop an annual issues and actions agenda for research priorities, outreach, training and education needs, as well as opportunities for collective impact and potential policy initiatives.

We want you to join us!

We are currently setting up systems to recruit founding members. Those who have set up an account on FoodLinkMilwaukee will have the first option to sign up as a founding member of CIUAN with special benefits and discounted dues. If you are interested in becoming a founding member please contact the CIUAN Administration & Marketing Coordinator for more information at For updates the latest on news and events visit the Cooperative Institute for Urban Agriculture on Facebook.

For more information on the new structure see our newsletter.