Community Collaboration

Milwaukee is home to hundreds of urban agriculture and nutrition projects spanning many decades. This list features projects in which IUAN has been directly involved since its inception in 2011. Projects are categorized by the levels of involvement by IUAN.

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IUAN Core Projects

Core projects are grants submitted under the IUAN name. PIs are members of our Steering Committee. Projects are administered by IUAN staff.
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IUAN Facilitated Projects

Facilitated projects are those that IUAN helps to identify and serve as a catalyst between individuals and/or organizations. If project becomes a grant proposal, IUAN’s name may be used in the proposal.
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IUAN Synergistic Projects

Synergistic projects are those administered by one of IUAN’s member institutions that contribute to IUAN’s overall goals, but are proposed and implemented outside of IUAN.
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IUAN Endorsed Projects

Endorsed projects are those in which IUAN, or its member contributes an endorsement letter for the proposal. They are proposed, implemented, and administered outside of IUAN.
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Guiding Principles

IUAN will:

  • Engage community practitioners.
  • Honor diversity and equity.
  • Focus on triple bottom line (3BL) to advance social, environmental, and economic sustainability.
  • Catalyze and foster work between different entities.
  • Share governance with all stakeholders (community, academic, civic).

Key Strategies

IUAN will use a multisector partnership to:

  • Promote collaborative research.
  • Seek funding from sources not typically available to community partners.
  • Develop programs and infrastructure related to sustainable urban food systems.
  • Foster healthy nutrition practices.
  • Enhance resources and build the capacity of the Milwaukee food community.
  • Honor collective voice of community and academics.
  • Expand the general public knowledge of a healthy food system.
  • Disseminate, demonstrate, and facilitate technology transfer.
  • Address policy and economic issues in Milwaukee’s food system.