What’s the Good Food Circle?

Good Food CircleGrow, move, eat, return. The potential to develop urban agriculture projects — to grow food and create jobs for an urban population — lies right under our feet.

The Good Food Circle is the foundation of our work. IUAN views the food system as a circle with these interrelated food actions:

  • Grow Whether food is grown in raised beds, rooftops, garden plots, outdoors, or inside, access to healthy compost, water, sunlight, and seedstock is the foundation for growing food in the city.
  • Move Moving food includes everything from harvesting, cleaning, storing, processing, packaging, transporting, marketing, retailing, and more.
  • Eat Increasing the demand for good food at the dinner table is integral to the Good Food Circle. We can improve the quality of urban life through healthy nutrition education and practices.
  • Return Making soil from the nutrient-rich food waste produced during the growing, moving and eating steps of the food cycle closes the Good Food Circle. And returning means not only composting food waste, but also returning resources to the community in terms of social justice and food security.