How Do I Get Involved?

Because you’re reading this, we know you have an interest in urban agriculture.
Do you have an idea for growing food in an urban setting? Maybe you’re interested in receiving funding or developing a business plan for your project.

IMG_0752IUAN created the searchable directory FoodLinkMilwaukee to help people interested in urban agriculture find one another. On FoodLinkMilwaukee, you can connect to individuals with complementary interests.

Anyone can join IUAN’s directory — it’s meant to be both practical and inspirational. With connections to community partners, and seven universities in Milwaukee and Madison, the possibilities for new projects and connections are endless.

Community members, academics, farmers, students, dreamers — we encourage anyone with a desire to find like-minded individuals in the area of urban agriculture to join FoodLinkMilwaukee. Signing up is free. Once you find a partner, let us know if you’ve written a proposal or business plan so we can add you to the facilitated project page. You just might meet your next grant partner on FoodLinkMilwaukee!